Why Rover Almighty!!!

rover almighty

rover almighty

Why Rover Almighty!!! To be having Rover Almighty with us had a lot many reasons and I'm glad to share all of them here. Our world came to an end on the 22nd of December 2015. That was the last day when I saw him breathing. Though our world was already shattered 3 months before his final day. From that very day everything changed around us. The people who used to visit us suddenly disappeared and there was a mystical gloom that surrounded us always. There was silence, a silence which was much deeper and intense than usual. His chair was empty and I often used to look at it, wondering for where did he go and how is he?

My condition wasn't as bad as that of my mother. She was completely lost. Though I always saw her strong and stout as she never showed her week side to me but she was broken, completely broken from inside. Whenever I used to see her quiet and into herself, I always knew that she was with him, into his thoughts and his memories. She spent more than 35 years of her life with him and his absence from her life was making her hollow. I often used to see her alone and into herself, doesn't matter for how much time do I spend with her, it was never enough.

I always knew that a pet in the house is a stress buster and happiness booster. I made up my mind to get one, so that it could atleast replace the gloom with a much needed joy and laughter. I researched a lot for which dog would be the most idealistic one to fit into our family. Though a German Shepard was always my preference but as I read, I came to know that Labrador Retrievers are more of a family dog than any other species. I planned it and I was all set to get one for my mother. I kept it a secret as I wanted to give my mother and my sister a surprise.

I went to a number of pet shops and asked for the same from a few people about the availability of a puppy. I wished to have a chocolate male Labrador and it wasn't so easily available in my city. I went to one of the popular pet shops, Menaria Pet Shop and I was convinced with his set up that I would be purchasing a chocolate pup from him. By the time a friend of mine told me that he knows someone who has Labrador pups and so it will cost me much lesser than the market price. I was completely fine with that as I would be getting a better deal in that case.

Then one day I got a call from the pet shop owner and he said that he has a pup, a black Labrador pup and I could come to see it if I'd wish to. I wasn't very sure for if I wished to have this black pup as I already had a desire to own a chocolate Labrador. I don't know for what exactly happened, but I decided to go and see the pup. I went to this pet shop where he took me on the terrace and I saw 3 black Labrador pups in one room. He brought one of them to me and said that this is the one he was talking about.

I looked at it and I was like, Jesus!!! he is so cute. He was a fluffy and super cute 50 days old male pup. His eyes were glittering, glittering with happiness. He was running around everywhere, running away from me and waving his tail, while turning his head and looking at me, like he was smiling at me. He was almost marketing himself like he was the best pup in the house and I must pick him. I don't know for what was it, but this pup was a magnet, I was badly attracted to him. He completely convinced me to change my mind as he was such a cute thing. I was super excited and I made it sure that I need to have this dude with me. I called my friend and asked him for if he could come to see the pup and could settle the deal.

He came and we had a word with the pet owner while I was all the time looking at this beautiful black dude. He was busy playing around and smiling at me. We couldn't convince the pet shop owner for reducing the price of this pup, but I was already sure about it. I said that I'm having this pup whatever is the price. My friend said that I must look for other options too as I could surely get a better deal, but I was hypnotized by this sweetest thing on the planet. His smiling face, his cuddly warmth and his sparkling eyes made me believe that, if I won't get this pup then I won't get anything better than this and so I got him. I was happy, really happy.

I paid the pet owner in cash and got the pup with me. I kept him inside my car where he sat quietly for the entire drive from the pet shop to my home. All the while I was driving, he kept looking at me, like he was saying this to me with his expressive eyes - "thank you so much for getting me, I'll surely try to be the happiness in your life and in your house." I could see that he was really overwhelmed with my gesture of choosing him over any other specimen of his specie.

I got him home and dropped him in front of my mother and my sister. They were both surprised and shocked to see him. They weren't expecting this at all. And then he soon won their hearts with his smile and the warmth of his soul. He behaved like he already knew us and he was always meant to be with us. This was something precious, precious a feeling which could not be expressed in words. My mother got worried for how would we be able to take care of him but she was extremely happy to see him and to have him in our family, as she somewhere knew that this dude will soon become one of the most important members of our family.

We all were so happy to have him. And then I turned around and saw the news of demonetization on news channels. I was like, thank god, I got him before this nonsense. The first thing that I was worried about was that, where would he sleep? I took a chair and laid a blanket over it, such that it drops till the floor of the room and could act like a shelter for this little one. I looked at him and asked him to get into it and sleep. I was surprised to see that he listened to me and got inside that shelter and made himself comfortable. It was like, he didn't want us to get so much worried about him, he behaved like a sensible and concerned sweetheart. I believed that my choice was right.

Then it was about his name. Our grandfather had a pet, a black Labrador with him while we were kids. His name was Rover which means - a wanderer, a traveler, a globe trotter and we gave the same name to our dude. But he wasn't just Rover now but he was Rover Almighty. I named him Rover Almighty for may be somewhere I knew that he will be a synonym of the word happiness for me and he will guide me through many tough times in my life. I strongly believed it.

This was the story and the reason for Why I got Rover Almighty and not anyone else. He was specific and not a random pick. He was something which was meant to become a part of our lives. The most happiest part of bringing him home and the most important reason for even having a thought of having him was the happiness of my mother. I was happy to see her happy and I was convinced that he will keep her happy and Rover Almighty lived up to my expectations.

I will write many stories about him and our bond with him. I know that many people might find this story to be weird as the ones who aren't connected to animals always find these bonds to be strange. They'd rather suggest and believe that it would have been better, if I would have married and would have surprised my mother with my child. But then it would have been just another ordinary story which every human being is causally living in my country. It would have been an obvious story and I do not wish to live a normal live, which is wrapped into conventions. Rover Almighty was just beginning of my story. His presence changed many things around me, which I will be writing in other stories of this blog section.

Rover Almighty has a story and he will have a lot many stories about him. This is the best I can do for him, to be writing for him for all the happiness and love he has given me unconditionally.


  1. Jyoti kukreja says:

    Awesome story…
    Nd a great start with whom you love the most..
    He is not just an animal..
    He is happiness nd love which you carry everywhere..
    Superb a word came out after reading ur content.

    • samirsamueldavid says:

      Thanks so very much Jyoti for your wonderful feedback on this blog post. I very well know that you can connect to this blog to the closest. I know that you know for what it feels like to have them in our lives and how they change us for good. They are the most human creatures on earth. Thanks again. Keep blessing.

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