Jesus and Religious People

Jesus and Religion speaks about the absolute supremacy of Jesus over Religion, that He is the only way.

Several important references from the New Testament have been quoted in Jesus and Religion to lay emphasis upon the conspiracies that were planned against Jesus by religious people, as He entered Jerusalem. While on the one end, the multitudes were praising Jesus as He entered Jerusalem on a donkey, saying - 'Hosanna in the highest' ; there was another multitude that asked for His death [Matthew 21:1-11 and Matthew 27:20-23]. All the conspiracies that were framed against Jesus were incepted by the religious people, high priests, elders and people from the stream of law. All through His life, Jesus helped, healed, fed and enlightened many, but they all were absent to rescue Him from the times of His struggle.

Many will argue that nothing could have been changed and everything was a part of several prophesies that were mentioned in the Old Testament, and that, even Jesus was fulfilling the scriptures for completion. Also, for all the scriptures were fulfilled and Jesus lived up to the prophesies, it confirmed Jesus to be the son of God. But what I comprehend from the narration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is this, that how phony, spineless and wicked people were in His times, who cornered Him, extending an excuse of fear form the Roman soldiers. But then, Jesus didn't teach them fear. He preached everyone to be on the side of truth and justice. Yet people were opportunists and disguised their opportunism into an element of fear.

The fear among the people was so strong that none of the disciples of Jesus were present at the time of His crucifixion, except for the disciple whom he loved the most. The whole narration exhibits backstabbing from His disciples and the people whom He helped all through the course of His life. While Judas made a deal to submit Jesus to the soldiers in 30 silver coins, Peter denied Him thrice, that he does not know Jesus, a prophecy that Jesus already made [Matthew 26:14-15 and Matthew 26:59-75].

Jesus gave the two commandments which are mentioned in Matthew 22:37-40, where the second commandment speaks about loving ones neighbor like one loves oneself. It is sad that this is the most unfollowed commandment of His which is popularly preached in almost every sermon but is hardly followed by Christians. This commandment was followed by Gandhi. He is the only non believer who actually believed and lived this commandment, all the while he was participating in the freedom struggle of India. Ironically, the people whom he was fighting were Britishers, who were staunch Christians and believers of Jesus Christ. They read the holy Bible every day and used to attend the Church on every Sunday morning. Yet they were humiliating Indians in almost all possible and cruel ways. They were religious people and Gandhi taught them that he knows their God better then them. He defeated Christians through Christian ways as the Christians failed to follow both their God's command and their religious teachings. Britishers failed both Jesus and the Holy Bible.

Baptism and confirmation alone do not make one a true Christian. Imitating Christ and His ways surely does. Gandhi wasn't baptized or confirmed, but he showed that to be in Christ, one has to have faith in Him and His ways and that Jesus is not limited to a mere religion or a group of indisciplined religious people. Jesus is beyond limits and His glory is indefinite.

Sitting on the first bench of Church, attending every Sunday service or reading the holy Bible everyday does not makes anyone more of a Christian. It is more important to be Godly than to be religious. More than being a reflection of benevolence, forbearance and tolerance, Jesus is known for His bravery and spirit of never bowing down to malpractices, injustice, powerful and rich people, prophets who were wicked, multitude that held a majoritarian and evil perspective. Jesus was an absolute warrior of peace and courage. This reflection of His must be addressed and taught, such that Christians could evaluate themselves and could stand on the side of righteousness rather going ostrich under harsh situations.

The bravery of Jesus was more miraculous and charismatic than any of His miracles. He stood against lakhs of people for His truth and never for a second did He give a thought about asking for mercy. He stood stout against all the cruelty that He faced. I wonder why this is not talked about so often. It must be.

In between Jesus and religion, Jesus must always be positioned on top. As the religion has no relevance in the absence of His reflection.

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