“Why Is The World Dying”

world is dying

world is dying

World is dying, isn’t it!! I guess we all know it already. If we still haven’t realized this, then it is surely an alarming situation as without realizing the fact that the world is dying, we’d never give a thought about conserving it or saving it from extinction. While nature, beautiful landscapes, animals and birds were the most perpetual elements of the world, the world never had a clue that it will come across one such specie which will slowly and steadily ruin the very clue of its existence.

Human beings have grown into the most powerful and dominant organisms of the world. We started it with the utilization of available resources and we’d surely end up by exploiting and finishing up all of them. We have come to an age where we wish to claim every possible thing of the world, so much so that we are working hammer and tongs to look for the possibility of life on mars, moon and other planets too, such that while once we are done with our planet, we’d go ahead and will exploit and devastate other possible places of existence too.

Nature was the only perpetual element of the world and we all were always the temporary elements of it. But with our intelligence, research, feeling of opportunism, feeling of holding a command over everything, we stupidly tried our best to become the perpetual elements of the world, which we’d never be.

We occupied every possible space of the world for our existence. Instead of trying to sustain an ecological balance, we started deteriorating the world. The result of this came out to be an alarming mess. Landslides, earthquakes, cyclones, environment changes etc. are some outbursts of nature that we get to know or experience. Its intensity is and will keep increasing year after year.

We are a slave to the nature and the nature isn’t a slave to us. Even if we’d try to trap it and take all possible measure to make it our slave, it will deteriorate us in lieu of that. This is the way nature, the most essential and most powerful element of the world responds to every ill action against it.

The melting of the glaciers, the green house effects, the depletion of the ozone layer and the global warming aren’t instances of recent days. These have been happening for a number of years and people of the world have often been made aware of it. Nobody took it seriously; rather the situation is getting worse day by day.

This is all happening because the human race believes itself to be eternal. They believe that they will live here forever. Every child grows into an adult and then they get married. They wish to have their own house and own vehicles. They then have a child and most importantly they wish to have their own child. Now as this child grows, he again lives the same life cycle of the fellows who made him come into this world. This cycle never stops and it goes on. Amazingly, all of these instances are considered to be a part of prosperity in one’s life and are considered to be achievements. This is what most of the population of the world lives.

This human life cycle then further looks for more food, more houses, more roads, and more resources of communication, transports, education and jobs, which actually acts like parasites or scavengers for the world.

A wish of a home for oneself costs space, space of land of the nature. A wish to have one’s own vehicle costs loss of fresh air and a wish to have one’s own child costs the deterioration and exploitation of the limited resources of the world. In today’s world where all the resources have been exploited to a dangerous level, this useless life cycle of human beings is destroying the world every day.

A population of 7.7 billion where every individual of this population wishes to have a house, a vehicle and also wishes to utilize the limited resources is surely putting down the world under serious burden and this population will never stop here, it will grow and multiply. Instead of taking some serious measures to stop this enormous count of human population, measures are taken for how to further exploit the available resources that are left with us for the coming generations.

Natural adoption will always be a better choice than artificial or natural methods of reproduction. This will not only help in settling down the abandoned, starved and needy children of this world but will also help in putting up a hold on the enormously huge human population. "Adopt a Child", must be executed as a social campaign as this could help in changing the world for good and could definitely help in making the world a better place for the survival of every living being, along with the conservation of all the natural resources.

No, we will never be able to exist in the world in the absence of nature and its resources. But I believe that we have now turned out to be the most stupid specie the world ever had, as we strongly believe that we will exist in the absence of nature. Had it been not the case, then we would have surely started to save and conserve the nature and its elements.

While vultures and sparrows used to be some regular birds that could be seen around, they have suddenly disappeared and they aren’t as common as they used to be. The mountain ranges are laid down into plains just to settle down the useless human population which is still starved of education and comprehension of the importance of ecological balance. We have become greedier, more directionless, crueler and more irrelevant than ever.

The meaning and the definition of the word human has completely lost its relevance and significance. We aren’t human towards anything now. We are now mostly bothered about our own centred existence. We are mostly occupied with the activities of collecting material for ourselves, like we believe that we’d stay here forever, that we are eternal or that we’d be able to take everything with us in our graves or when we’d be burnt into ashes.

I guess that it is the time when we must fight for the rights of nature, than to be fighting for our rights. Nothing will exist or flourish in the absence of nature. Politicians of every county are one of the primary reason for which nature is allowed to be exploited and nobody dares to fight for it as they and their administration goes to any extent to suppress such meaningful protests in the favor of nature. These protests do not help their political ambitions anywhere and so they always try to crush it.

It’s time to collectively raise a loud voice for rescuing nature; else nothing in this world will exist. Yes, the world is dying and it is high time now that we must show some respect towards it. If it will not be now, it will never be on any given tomorrow. Only a collective effort could stop this mass devastation of nature and all of its resources, else all individual voices will either die their own deaths or will be silently murdered.

Planting trees for the sake corporate social responsibility and for brand promotions will not help much. Saving the various resources of nature and executing a mass protest for it is the need of the day. Planting trees and then seeing them getting devastated for the sake of pampering the human race will not help the world for too long, unless we'd stand stout and together to save the world. Though it is extremely difficult to win over the greedy human race which believes that everything in the world is for sale, but definitely a strong initiation, a bold step and consistent efforts could never be defeated.


  1. Ashok Jain says:

    Hi SAM 🙏 …….Each word has penetrated deeply…… bitter butter truth……Yes…NOW OR NEVER…….The last two paragraphs has to be strongly implemented……..What we will give the NEXT GENERATION ??
    Looking forward for more bitterr truths n best wishes…….Needless to add ….. ROUND THE CLOCK WITH PERSONALITY

    • samirsamueldavid says:

      Thanks so very much Sir for your valuable comment here. Yes we indeed need to give a thought about the future and the future generation. They will be completely clueless and devastated in the absence of the resources of nature. The automation, machines and technology will not be able to keep us alive for free. The artificial resources will be a lot expensive and not everyone will be able to afford them.

      Thanks again. Keep inspiring and motivating the world by your way of life. Stay blessed and happy.

  2. शाहिद हुसैन "सबा" says:

    जब जब मानव ने धरती के साथ सामंजस्य स्थापित किया तब तब धरती ने मानव को प्रतिफल में अपना सर्वश्रेष्ठ दिया और मानव जीवन को बेहतर से बेहतर किया परंतु दुर्भाग्य से मानव ने जब जब संकीर्ण मानसिकता से धरती का दोहन किया इसकी अथाह सम्पति पर प्रभुत्व जमाया तब तब धरती ने स्वयं नष्ट हो कर भी मानव को दिया ही दिया , मगर हज़ारों साल से धरती अपने आपको बचाये हुए थी परंतु अब धरती के लिए स्वयं अपना वजूद बचाना और कायम रखना दूभर और नामुमकिन होता जा रहा है …हम को अब तो सोचना होगा वरना वो दिन दूर नहीं जब धरती मानव के लिए रहने लायक नहीं रहेगी ….

    • samirsamueldavid says:

      Very rightly said Shahid Bhai. Today we need to stand together to fight for the possibilities of existence of humans and every specie equally. The pace at which we are devastating the world and its environment, the time is near that we might might die rich in the absence of enough oxygen. Like you said, it has become difficult to sustain our existence in the present era. The things will become worse with every day and every year. If not now then never. We got to stand and fight back the system to save the world.

      We do not need bullet trains, we need trees and plants. a million of them every year. Thanks so much for sharing your valuable views here. Stay blessed and happy.

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