Udaipur Tailor Kanhaiyalal’s Facts

Udaipur tailor Kanhaiyalal's facts is a video about an interview that was recently taken by Newslaundary with his family.

The honorable prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi stayed dead silent on the murder of an Udaipur based tailor Kanhaiyalal in Rajasthan for the last one and a half year.

Modi neither said a single word about the incident nor did he tweeted about it. He chose to stay silent over it. But now as the elections in Rajasthan are approaching, he could be seen provoking and misguiding people in the name of Kanhaiylal that the Rajasthan government has failed to do anything about the situation.

However the Rajasthan Police detained the murderers of Kanhiyalal within 4 hours and immediately sent them for trial. They also made sure to try this matter in the fast track court as the subject was very clear.

Rumors were spread that the murderers were Pakistani terrorists while later on it was found through several photographic proofs that one of the murderers was in the minority cell of BJP and had links with several local leader of theirs. BJP still never came forward and addressed about this and escaped to mention their link with one of these murderers.

Then, the National Investigation Agency took the charge of this matter. The Rajasthan government handed over the two murderers to them. It has been 1.5 years since the murderers are in the custody of NIA but there has been no information about the proceedings.

The family of Kanhaiyalal hasn't been given the copy of charge sheet even till now by NIA, nor are they letting the family know about the proceedings.

The two murderers are with the central agency which comes under the central government. Yet, Mr Modi has been provoking people that the Rajasthan government is not taking any action.

It is the responsibility of the central government and NIA to take immediate and necessary action against the murderers by awarding them with suitable punishment.

But Modi is using this matter for his political gain. This was the reason why he was silent for more than an year as he knew that he could use this matter as a political opportunity for the Rajasthan election.

The Rajasthan government provided government job to the both sons of Kanhaiyalal and helped them with an aid of more than 50 Lakh rupees just after the incident.

BJP also helped them with an aid of more than 1 Crore rupees after this incident, but now they are taking advantage of this matter by spreading lies, hate and misleading the voters. They aren't talking about their achievements in Rajasthan but are using the innocent soul of Kanhaiyalal for their greedy political benefits.

The family of Kanhaiyala wants justice. His elder son has taken an oath of not wearing shoes or slippers and getting a hair cut until the murderers of his father will be hanged till death. He even goes to his job bare feet.

The wife of Kanhaiyalal is extremely sad and wants justice for her husband,

They all are saddened by the fact that Modi is using the name of their father and husband while he should get the murderers punished. NIA belongs to the central government and they could pressurize them through various means for the trial.

But, Modi and his government never did so for the last 1.5 years for they intended to delay this matter till the Rajasthan elections, such that they could use this subject to spread hate, disharmony and lies to win their share of seats.

The source of the video is Newslaundary, which is among the most authentic and fact based news agencies of India.


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