The Zakir Khan Moment

Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan, one of the top most stand up comedians of India, is one of the most charismatic persons I have seen and admired. He is someone I would have surely loved to see and meet in real. I have seen all of his youtube videos and not just this but I remember many of his popular dialogues. He is not just a stand up comedian but he is a clean soul. Yes, definitely I'm a big fan of his.

There was a phase of life while life wasn't treating me well and I was completely broken and clueless about what's next. That was a 360 degree set back phase for me, like I was choked from everywhere and I was struggling hard to breathe. That was the time when, irrespective of every trouble and depression that I was facing, I never missed upon seeing the videos of Russel Peters and Zakir Khan. Both of these guys kept me happy, they made me laugh and they kept me motivated. While I was lost in the gloom of a day, they used to heal my broken traces in the night. That was a few years back.

With the beginning of the year 2019, I got to know that Zakir Khan is going to be performing in my city, Udaipur. Nothing in this world could have made me happier than this, to be knowing this that I'd be able to see him performing live. I booked the most expensive tickets well in advance, so that I could get to see him from the closest possible distance. Actually I wished to see him while sitting next to him on the stage. I attended the show with Gaurav Mohnot Sir, a friend and a popular biker form Udaipur who travelled more than 15000 Kms across India in just 20 days.

The show started and the house was fully packed. It was the first time that I got to see a very specific crowd, which wasn't just a crowd but they all were fans of Zakir Khan. As he came on stage, I felt like I was hallucinating and that couldn't be real. I couldn't get my eyes and ears off Zakir. His act was perfect and he came up with killer jokes and stories one after the other. As the show ended, Zakir asked everyone to take his pictures and his video. During the time of the show, no one was allowed to record even a single shot of his act.

The show got over and everyone started to move out of the theater. Gaurav Sir asked me to stay as he had some acquaintance with the organizer. There were around 40 people left in the theater. Zakir came back and the group of people went up the stage one by one to get themselves clicked with Zakir. I too got a chance to be clicked with him along with Gaurav Sir and his wife, Pratibha Mam. The photo sessions got over and everyone moved out of the theater. Gaurav Sir again asked me to stay as he wanted to meet Zakir personally. He knew that this was the moment that the two of us were waiting for. Zakir went in the dressing room and we stood outside the room waiting for a chance to get to meet him. Gaurav Sir managed to get inside his dressing room and he introduced himself to Zakir. I was still standing outside and I thought that I might not get a chance to meet him.

And then I heard Zakir say - "Call Samir, where is he?" And I was like on the seventh cloud already. He called me inside the dressing room to meet him. Gaurav Sir told him about me, that even I'm a big fan of his and that I wished to meet him. I entered the room and I was like, so pleased to see Zakir smiling at me. He greeted me and so did I. I told him that - If this is a dream, then this is the most beautiful dream of my life. He smiled at me and we hugged.

That moment with Zakir was priceless. It was the perfect fan moment. I'm really thankful to Gaurav Sir for creating that moment for me. I would love to meet Russel Peters next, if I'd ever get a chance. Nothing in this world could be as special as this for me - "Zakir Zakir'

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