“The Strangest Dream”

the strangest dream

the strangest dream

Out of all the dreams that I had and the dreams that I got to know from others, this one was indeed the strangest dream. Do dreams have a message or an interpretation? I am not very sure about it but this particular dream was strange. I got a facebook inbox from one of the fellows whom I know through a facebook group. I met him just for once and we hardly know each other. Anything that we know about one another is through our facebook posts, comments or likes. This is it and there isn't anything more than this for which we have any point of contact.

Kauser Ali Mukati inboxed me in the morning and asked me to share my contact number with him as he wished to have a word with me about something. I shared my number with him. He called me but I missed his call as I was watching the news about the sad demise of Sheila Dikshit, one of the legends in Indian politics. I saw his missed call and so I called him back. He picked up the call and we greeted each other. He asked me for if I could give him just 5 minutes so that he could tell me a story. I was wondering for why was he asking me this and what is it that he is so eagerly wishing to tell me. I said that he can surely tell me the story and I have all the time in this world to listen to him. I felt that he was restless about something and then he opened the story. He told me the most unexpected and the most strangest thing I could have ever heard from someone who hardly knows me or anything about me. He told me something for which I went speechless and clueless.

He said that he saw my father in his dream. He told me that my father came to his house and had a cup of tea with him and that he was wearing a blue track suit with a slim white piping in its design while he was wearing white sports shoes. Supposedly he was coming from a morning walk. Kauser further told me that my father looked exactly the same as I used to portray him in my facebook posts. He isn't a tea person at all but as my father agreed upon a cup of tea, they both relished it and had a conversation of about half an hour. Kauser even asked my father about my whereabouts, for which he said that I went around for a morning walk with Rover Almighty, like he knew that I take Rover for long walks on every Sunday. He then left my father till his gate.

Kauser kept asking me for how is it possible that he saw my father in his dream!!! He was wandering and so was I as we both hardly know each other and there is no chance in this world that he could be knowing my father. A dream is a different thing but the prominence of my father in his dream was the strangest part.

My father passed away on 22nd December 2015 and Kauser never ever saw him or met him. I post about him on his birth days or on the day of his demise but it is very occasional and it is something that nobody could have noticed so well. Kauser always appreciates me for my straight forward writing. He has seen the photographs of my father that I posted on my facebook wall but it is just twice in a year. Could this be enough that Kausar must've seen a dream about him!! I don't know but this was something very strange that I got to hear from someone whom I hardly know. Even none of my relatives or the people who knew and met my father ever told me or my family about any dream if they had about him.

Kauser kept asking me for if his dream has a message or an interpretation but I was so lost that I could not say much about it. It was a mixed feeling, like I didn't know for if I should feel happy about it or not!! My eyes were wet while all the time he was telling me about his dream. My eyes were wet yet I had a smile on my face. His narration was giving me a mystical sense of peace and comfort. He said that he loved to meet my father and that he would love to meet him again. He said that he would have rushed to see him and tell him his dream if he would have been alive. The other strange part was that my father told Kauser that I was out for a morning walk with my dog Rover, but I got Rover in November 2016 while my father passed away in 2015. Dreams are always strange but this was the strangest one.

I asked him that whenever my father comes to him next, do ask him to visit us. For this he said that the graveyard is just the place where we believe him to be present and where he rests, but he stays with me always and everywhere. It is indeed true, for I know that I could never forget him and he is always a part in me. I do not cry, I never cry even if I wish to. But I surely miss him.

Kauser had this dream in high definition and he remembered every detail of the dream and the first thing that he wanted in the morning was to tell me about his dream. He knew that no one in this world could have any relevance with his dream than me and my family. I do not know for what was it exactly, but to be hearing this from someone who doesn't even has a clue about me, was surprising and strange. Kauser asked me for if me being a writer could give some interpretation for his dream. But we both were clueless. He said that he loved to meet him and that he is a wonderful human being and has a gentleman's appearance.

I told him that I'll come to visit his house over a cup of tea, to which he laughed and said that, then his dream will be balanced then and we both laughed.

This was the strangest dream or the strangest experience I ever had in my life, for a person who could not even make an image of my father, saw him in his dream. It felt wonderful. Yesterday I was listening to the stories about my father from one of his friends while I visited his place. Today I visited the graveyard and then this dream of Kauser. I do not know if these broken threads have a message or are just a coincidence but whatever it was, it was strange yet it was beautiful feeling, to be knowing about the presence of my father in someone's memories and in someone's dream.

I feel that he is somewhere around me.

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