Picture Perfect Sonnalli Seygall

picture perfect sonnalli seygall
Picture perfect Sonnalli Seyagall is a delightful photography experience with the astonishingly beautiful and gorgeous Sonnalli Seygall.

I was already so pleased to meet Sonnalli and to get to work with her was like icing on the cake. She is a thorough professional and closely looks into the minute details.

We were to shoot two outfits and for that we decided to shoot at the various stand out spots of this beautiful property named, Jagat Niwas Palace, which has a historical relevance and is maintained by its prestigious owners. This property makes you feel like you are actually in Venice.

Sonnalli looked an absolute diva in that white saree and red blouse. Flawless would be the right word to describe her in that mesmerizing avtar. I already knew it that this shoot is going to be an outstanding one, as there was every reason to believe it, being it the magical aura of Sonnalli's persona, the vibes of the surroundings, color scheme of the property and that 'to die for' diva avtar of Sonnalli. Everything was contributing towards that picture perfect Sonnalli Seygall thing.

It was the very first picture that brought a smile on her face and then she opened up to spread the essence of her beauteous personality. Every frame one after the other, came out to be a masterpiece. She looked as beautiful as a painting. Each and every frame that we captured had a wow element in it.

I wasn't good with videos, but Sonnalli asked me to shoot one for her. While shooting, I realized that I'm good with video as well.

We were done for the day and had all the data. She was really happy with the results. The data was raw and so the next move was to compile it. Which took me another 5 to 6 days.

It was indeed a picture perfect Sonnalli Seygall thing and I was pleased to meet such a humble person like her. I never knew that this wasn't going to be the last time and I'd get to work with her again. There are certain moments in life which become a moment for a life time and it was that moment for me. Out of all the experiences that I had, this was the best one that I ever had.

It will stay with me, as a part of my work and my identity as well.

I'm grateful

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