“My Last Wish”

best blogger of udaipur

best blogger of udaipur

I do not wish to die a sudden death without a clue or due to a prolonged illness which gets me into bed.

I wish to end up like when the Doctor says that I'm left with just 5 days to live and I go to any extent to fight and live those 5 days like I never lived a life before.

I'd fix up my messes, I'd thank everyone, I'd try to live my unsaid dreams, I'd write the last set of my brainless thoughts, I'd capture some last set of photographs.

I'd run, I'd travel, I'd dance and I'd sing. I'd spend most hours with Family and Rover Almighty.
And when I'd die, I won't wish to get buried, but I'd wish to be thrown to some wild cat in the forest, specifically the Tiger. It couldn't be any better than this to be a feast to the most beautiful living being on the planet.

My left overs could surely be buried, I won't mind as I won't be left to mind anything.

Doesn't matter which day, doesn't matter which hour but the one thing I know is that, Life is indeed beautiful irrespective of anything because I got a chance to live, which was the most exciting part of my existence.

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