My First Celebrity Photoshoot

My first celebrity photoshoot was with the most beautiful and vivacious Sonnalli Seygall.

I will love to share here the experience of my first celebrity photoshoot. I wasn't nervous but was concerned about getting enough light to shoot the pictures as it was a cloudy day.

It was the first time when I was going to meet her. Though, I had already went through her pictures of her shoots, just to get an idea about her anatomy, like what angle and what mood complements her the best.

I reached to see her for the shoot at this amazing property in the old party of my city, Udaipur. On seeing her, I went breathless and speechless for a few seconds, for I hadn't seen anything as beautiful as her ever. She was wearing a light blue shirt and denim shorts. She was glowing and was lot beautiful than her pictures. I got a hold on my breath and said a Hi to her and she greeted me with a big and most friendly smile. She introduced me to her friends. She made me feel very comfortable and never did I behaved like I was meeting a celebrity. I was calm.

I thought that she'd be changing her dress for the shoot but she was a different mood and she said - let's shoot.

She sat on the boundary wall of the terrace and I took her first picture. She came to me to check it and she was delighted to see it. The weather, her mood, the evening and the vibes were just so perfect. We made some really good pictures and had great fun while shooting. Sonnalli looked like the breeze of fresh air in every picture, immensely beautiful and gorgeous.

The shoot went pretty well and we shot at different spots of the amazing property. The pictures were coming out great and so we kept shooting for almost an hour. She then changed her dress and I took a break to grab a chicken sandwich and coffee. We then shot for another twenty minutes with her other look. She was really excited to see the pictures and so was I.

We then fixed the time for the other shoot for the next day. It was to be an Indian attire. It was my first celebrity shoot and I never thought that it will go about with such an ease. Everything about it was so beautiful.

The best part was the humbleness of Sonnalli. I realized that she is among one of the most wonderful human beings I ever got a chance to meet and work with. We took a selfie and called it a day. I felt like I was dreaming a beautiful dream.

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