My Early Days Of Photography

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photography blog

My early days of photography were more about capturing the moments that used to take place around me. I was into a job and it was more about travelling to the secluded belts of India, like mostly the villages of Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha. Though I also got to visit Kolkata some times, but very rarely, it wasn't so frequent. I was never so much interested into photography and I never even had a mobile phone with a camera. I was happy to be clicked with a group of friends or if someone could be kind enough to click a photograph of mine.

It was only in the year 2012 that I got a canon's point and shoot camera. The reason why I bought it was that, I often used to travel for meetings into the most lifeless belts of our country. It wasn't just culturally different but it was different in terms of food, language, lifestyle and treatment. I was never so keen to visit these places but for work's sake I had to travel to these lonely planets. Even the lifestyle of the markets were very different. Like in most of the parts, the shops used to open till 12 noon and from then till 4 pm, almost all the shops used to be closed, like taking rest was one the most important part of their lifestyle.

Before and after the meetings I used to have a lot of time as the places of meeting used to be almost 20 to 40 kms from my hotel. While reaching to the destination and coming back, I used to come across many villages. These villages used to be very different from those in our northern belt. There used to be a beautiful and mystical silence all around. I often get to see a few men gathered around a tree, discussing something and even while I return back from the meeting, I still get to see them at the same place, like they were having some discussions for the last 5 to 6 hours, I mean really!!

Just for the sake of getting myself occupied with something, while I wasn't occupied, I got a camera. I used to click photographs of the people and various activities that used to happen around me, while I used to be driven to the destination of meeting. It was more of a leisure thing to me at that time. I used to click a lot and I used to believe that my clicks were masterpiece. Not just this but I used to edit them in the most pathetically contrasted and structured tones. Amazingly, I used to feel proud about my photography and editing skills. But that phase of photography had no purpose and no goal. It was just a filler in between those business meetings and those cab trips.

But may be that canon's point and shoot camera was a call of the future, which was mystical and unscripted at that time. I won't actually call it a beginning of my interest towards photography as in no way I could have ever given a thought about getting into this field during those days. I'm sharing a few of the photographs that I clicked during that phase of my life. These are not so good yet not so bad but are definitely a part of remembrance.

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