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Mic & Munch Udaipur

Mic & Munch Udaipur

Mic & munch is definitely a true definition of open mic for me in my city. It has always been a great experience to be here. I attended a lot many open mic sessions of Mic & Munch and I also participated in them. It was one of it's kind and gave the much needed exposure to many artists, musicians, stand up comedians, story tellers, singers, authors and start ups. Mic & Munch actually gave a voice and an amazing platform to everyone. I got to see many wannabe's performing on the stage of Mic & Munch. I participated in many other open mic sessions in my city but the warmth that I felt at Mic & Munch was always so welcoming.
It is never only about a place that keeps you connected with it, it is also about the people who are associated with the place and how they associate with you. The owners of Mic & Munch would always greet you with a smile and make you comfortable to a level where you end up becoming their friends. I had a very good tuning with one of the owners, Aviral Munot as he has always been so humble and fun loving. I admire people who are happy in a moment, doesn't matter what, and Aviral is one such dude. The other owners, Priyank Patel and Lovish Sanadhya are cool dudes indeed and this is what made them distinguished from other places. Aviral always kept me updated for all the events that they used to host at Mic & Munch. I always had an invitation to participate.
I believe that Mic & Munch was inaugurated on the 23rd of October 2016, as I attended it and facebook often shows it up as a part of my memories. They had this band that gave a live performance and it was truly mesmerizing . Mic n Munch made participation so approachable for everyone. The best part was, it wasn't confined to just a genre but artists with any and every skill could perform here and that gave a new definition to Open Mic in my city, Udaipur.
Mic & Munch organized various events and the participation at their place was always big and consistent. Some of the events at Mic & Munch were hosted by big names like WOW, EWON and One2all Udaipur. Many organizations in Udaipur loved to host their events and celebrations at Mic & Munch. I hardly remember a single event that under performed here. The participation was always good and so was the crowd. Their staff and the owners, everything was just perfect. You couldn't have asked for anything more.
For me, Mic and Munch was one such platform that helped me a lot, as i got several chances to speak out my unsaid words and thoughts. I participated in lot many events here and I always tried to put forward a different perspective than an obvious one. I wouldn't be wrong or exaggerating, if I'd say that in some way or the other, Mic & Munch helped me to rebuild, regain and redefine my confidence. It gave me one such platform where I was able to share my thoughts. It helped me to know, if I'm good enough to be listened to or to be flushed. I believe that the audience liked and could relate to, whatever thoughts I shared with them.
The best part was when I got a call from Aviral and he asked me to handover a copy of my book - 'A Book of Brainless Thoughts' to him, as he wanted it to be shelved for the readers at Mic & Munch. It was great to know that and I was really grateful to be receiving such a humble gesture from him. My book got a place at Mic & Munch along with the books of other popular authors of Udaipur. This was something I'd always remember.

I was also grateful to them for they recorded a few of my performances. The 'Bachpan Ke Qisse' and 'Legally Virgin' were among some of the gigs that I performed here. These will always be a very precious part of the memory of my life.

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