“Are We The Murderers Of Mother Nature?”

how to save nature

how to save nature

Humans - We poisoned the tigers and killed the crocodiles as they entered our region and attacked us.

Tigers and Crocodiles - You have entered our region for centuries but we never poisoned you. We attacked you and killed just a few as we instinctively save our territories and we mostly attack out of fear.

Humans - These monkeys have made our life hell, they enter in our houses and make a mess. They must be caught and sent to jungles.

Monkeys - You have been making our life hell for centuries by occupying our houses. Jungles!! Seriously!! Will they exist!!

The pace at which you humans are having a fucking intercourse and making children every second, we don't think that you will even spare any jungles. After all your kids would be needing their own house, like you did, isn't it, you fucking production machines.

Humans - There are so many wastelands named as jungles, hills, mountains, river banks, sea shores, lakes, oceans, rivers etc., these must be utilized for the welfare of man kind.

So many housing board plots could be extended to the needy and acres could be sold to millionaires for their industries. What's the need of them!! We don't need them in our day to day life at all.

Jungles, hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans etc. - Really!! You don't need us and you are only bothered about square feet and acres of land to be alloted to you!! You are the most cruel and stupid specie we've ever seen in million years.

Humans - Ohh damn!! soil erosion, landslides, floods, earthquakes, volcano, drought, diseases, deficiencies, deaths.

We got to save the planet now, lets plant trees, lets clean the environment, lets educate each other, lets protest, lets do some candle marches else we'd die.

Nature, environment, water bodies and all other species - It's too late now. You are meant to die soon. The rich might survive longer as they would be able to buy oxygen and artificially processed food, but even they won't survive for too long.

This was a beautiful planet, you were blessed to be a part of it. Now you may put the candles in your assholes and march around as much as you wish to but even that won't help much.

And say thanks to the incompetent men and women you've been electing for so many years to take care of you. They are pimps. Have a good life, ohh sorry, have a good death very soon.

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