“And When Time Speaks”

Best Blogger of Udaipur

Best Blogger of Udaipur

And then when time said to me -

‘Actually, it’s never that I stay longer during a bad phase than a good phase. That’s just what you people say and complain. It’s just that during your tough days, you are so helpless, depressed and lost that you live an hour like a day and when it’s your good day, you are so happy, so excited that you live a day like an hour.

‘Further, a right or a good time and a wrong or a bad time is just your perception. Using this status of time is your excuse to replace the efforts you must make to fight against your problems. Well, I often hear people say that one must have patience and must wait for the right time. I guess it’s some quotation or a proverb by some fellow of your specie. But the fact is, I’m always right, and it’s just that you people keep on waiting for me to be right, in lieu of that, you guys lose many people, things, situations, and opportunities you could’ve owned. So, do not just wait for me to be right, but put your feet in the right pair of shoe and get the things done before I’m gone.

‘It’s not just about time but life is more about matter of circumstances. Sometimes, when you think you’re almost there, you are pushed back, but when things are least expected, it all comes your way like a surprise. If time is good or bad in your perception, then let me tell you in simple words that time can never be equally good or equally bad. The good follows the bad, and the bad follows the good. It’s good to live in a fairy-tale world, but it’s not good to think that the world will always be the way it is. Live in the real world, and face it bravely.

‘In life, you have to be strong and take your own steps such that even if you fail or confront problems, difficulties, and disappointments, you have no one to blame—not situations, not destiny, and never time. If you stop being strong and you stop fighting the situations for your good, then the easiest thing that you’ll do is, you’ll blame it on time, saying it’s a bad time and you’ll wait for the right time to come for you. It’s like - you dig your own grave, sitting and waiting beside it for your entire life, and when your time comes, you simply jump into it for an easy escape.

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