Agra Red Fort – The Majestic

While I visited the Taj Mahal in the morning, I came back to the hotel and took some rest. It was a wonderful afternoon, it was all sunny and pleasant. I planned to make a visit to the Agra Red Fort, which is said to be the main residence of the emperors of Mughal Dynasty till 1638.
Red Fort is just 2.5 Km. from Taj Mahal. While I reached the fort, I found a few hand lorries of fresh fruits salads all around the place. These were too good and the added masala to the salad and fruit chat, tasted amazing. After eating up the salad, I then got the tickets and entered the fort from Lahore Gate, also known as Amar Singh Gate.
It felt great to see the sandstone structure which was rebuilt by Akbar in 1558 with red sandstone from Dholpur, Rajasthan and was completed in 1573. Seeing it I was filled with a feeling of pride as I too belong from Rajsthan.
The architecture of the Agra Red Fort was magnetic and I couldn't get my eyes off this beautiful structure. I clicked a few photographs of the Jahangir Palace. It was a beautiful giant entrance.

The interiors of the fort were as magnificent as its exteriors. There were tourists all around who were appreciating the beauty of Mughal architects. I noticed a few Jharokhe/ Windows from which the view of Taj Mahal was clear and spectacular. People were occupying the windows for clicking the beautiful view of Taj. People were waiting turn by turn to get it clicked. There were certain parts of the fort where no one was allowed to enter. These were beautiful balconies which seemed to have the most amazing view of the city, but sadly, it was a no entry zone. It was may be due to some security reasons.

I then walked around Diwam-i-Aam or Hall of Audience, which is supposed to be a room where Shah Jahan and his successors used to hear the grievances of general public. This entire place is in the true spirit of brilliant craftsmanship. The arches, the columns and the roof is so aesthetically designed and finished, that you feel like spending hours in peace here,under this flawless structure, admiring its beauty and the aura all around.

The Musamman Burj and the Diwan-i-Khas Mahal were one of their kind. The excellence of architecture with extremely beautiful carvings and huge tombs polished in gold were all a treat to one's eyes. I clicked a few around them. Everything here was so magical.

Thereafter I made an exit from the fort, happy and contented.

I am thoroughly in love with Agra. I will surely visit it again. There are a lot many destinations here which are still left to be visited. Being it the Fatehpur Sikri, Tomb of Itimad-Ud-Daulah, Mehtab Bagh etc.

I hope to visit the majestic Agra Red Fort sometime soon again. Agra is a place of the most beautiful historic representations of the Mughal architecture and the excellence of craftsmanship.

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