Bhargavi Kumari Mewar

A Book of Brainless Thought, written by Samir Samuel David is very interesting indeed. It is insightful and thought-provoking.
It has relatable accounts of hope, heart, truth, time, contentment, consciousness and an insightful take on life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I believe that it should reach more people. It is an earnest and insightful take on life. Congratulations again Samuel. I hope this is the first of many more to come ahead. It’s a must-read.
Sonnalli Seygall

Sonnalli Seygall

Samuel is truly talented, a natural and gifted photographer. And more importantly a great human and a thorough gentleman. I noticed this in the few hours that we worked together and I think and hope I am not wrong.

I absolutely loved the pictures that he shot for me! It’s pretty evident from my Instagram hahaha.

I wish you him the best in life!

Keep working hard, reaching out and shining bright ⭐️

Noyonita Lodh

I’d like to review and share my work experience with Samir in Udaipur. Rohit Khandelwal and I shot with Samir at the Jagat Niwas and the first thing I noticed was how Samir visited the location twice as we both wanted to shoot. He was a breeze to work with, very easy and willing to try different areas and ideas.

My shoot with him was for a brief period that day but the pics are a result of his talent and hard work. What I appreciate the most was that he immediately shared the pics and edited all the pics that I wanted as soon as possible . Most photographers prefer to take their time but Samir was super prompt and did a great job .

Thank to him ! Looking forward to working with him again super soon and luckily so.

Akanksha Vijayvargia

Samir Samuel David’s photography work is one of the best. He’s not just very good with the camera and angle but he will do his research on what will look good on the model and will also have reference pictures of that.
As a model, I always feel that he brings out the best in me by suggesting the poses and control on expression. If you’re looking for a photographer look no further this guy do the job pretty well.

Bernice Angoh

I finished Samir Samuel David’s “A Book of Brainless Thought” in one sitting. This little gem of a book is packed with beautiful and timeless philosophies that are poignant, painfully true and eye-opening. My favorite chapter ‘When time speaks’ is brilliantly written.

From birth to death, ‘A Book of Brainless Thought’ delivers universal truths from a personal perspective that will have you wishing each of the twelve chapters in this book was a book on its own.

Vineeta Sharma Singh

Not all heroes wear capes. If you are lucky enough to have Sam as your photographer you will never look at another one the same. Samir Samuel David is a very gifted artist. He captures moments as memories. The lengths he would go to, to get that perfect shot is a rare find and something that should be commended. You don’t just get a photographer, you get an extra person in the planner. He literally has thought of everything and has tips and advice for everything, even things you wouldn’t even think of. Genuine desire to give you the most amazing and unique memories. Words cannot begin to explain how awesome Sam is, he is an ultimate artist out there, and you will not regret hiring him. If u want to store the evergreen memories just go for him.

Jayshree Ghosh

This book is all about a set of situations that we live each day. The author Mr. Samir Samuel David had shared his experiences, his appreciation and his opinion about life.
Starting from chapter 1 on humanism to the last chapter of this book, he shared his true opinion about life. Reading this book was quite interesting because I am always eager to know about others true opinions and experiences about life.
I would give this book 5/5 stars, the language used was easy to understand and moreover the author has shared beautiful pictures. I completed reading this within 2 hours.

Sharad Lodha

Samir Samuel David makes people understand that photography is not just a source of income it is a inner feeling and a passion to capture the right moment EVERY TIME, his mood never lets him divert from the target to shoot the best, In the worst of his moods when he is shooting he forgets everything and he is completely into shooting.

Nitesh Bordiya

Samir Samuel David is a silent personality with a lot of creativity. We gave him only 1 day for our pre-wedding shoot, irrespective of that he gave his 100% to bring out the best in such a short time. He did his best and as a result our family and friends liked greatly appreciated his work. No one could believe that our photographs came out to be so amazing on a request of just a single day and even after so much time that we spent in shopping, we both looked fabulous in the photographs captured by him.
Thank you so much Samir.

Pradeep Chhawchharia

I am being very honest here that I liked A Book of Brainless Thought, written by Samir Samuel David, more than Chetan Bhagat’s books, you know why? because every person lives within a frame within which no one else can enter may it be anyone. Inside that frame when we are alone we go through all these thoughts what is in your book.. overall I felt that reading your book can also help many who deviate from the path of truth in life. So great book

Kajal K

Samir Samuel David is one of the best and finest photographer in Udaipur with amazing skills and he not just capture the moments but hearts as well. Fantastic work, friendly gesture, and most importantly a comforting treatment way to enhance the perfection of clicks in the best possible way. You make it always super se bhi upar!!💓

Niharika Rathore

One of the most amazing photographers of Udaipur. Samuel’s work is very good and unique as well. If you’re looking for a photographer for any occasion look no further! He’s the one for you. whether it be a pre-wedding, fashion shoot or portraits. He can do it all.

I highly appreciate his passion for photography. He’s a professional photographer but at the same time he makes you feel at ease.
Also he has a blog which is quite interesting as well.

Hannae Hreem Bhatt

The most amazing photographer i ever worked with, he is very humble with lots of patience ( cause i am always late).
I love the way he photographs his models from the perfect angles and when the picture gets ready it is the most pretty creation you can see yourself in. I love his work and love the way he works.

Kusha Mohit Khanna

Well, Samir Samuel David is a very talented photographer ( among one of his many qualities) and a very nice guy!! He was very patient and understanding with d dynamics of our 11 months old daughter throughout d shoot. He gave excellent suggestions as to where to take pictures and the results were awesome. He has a great eye and a lovely work style. In all, he doesn’t only take a photograph, he makes it!!

Swati Rameja Khatri

Swati Rameja KhatriSamir Samuel David’s photography shows his passion in his work, as every picture that is clicked by him tells a story. He has different perspective and style of capturing photographs. He had done my son’s photo-shoot. The photographs came out to be amazing & Samir was very supportive during the time of shoot. I wish that he keeps growing & clicking.

Asha Mishra

A Book of Brainless Thought authored by Samir Samuel David has a flawless, concise, compact, simple and a straight language flow.
The light weighted chapters with depth and stories of one’s experience of life that we all go through, talk directly to your heart without much stress, bringing happiness and joy of reading.

Sanjay Mehta

I heard somewhere that “दीवारें बोल उठेंगी”, but in Samir Samuel David’s case, it seems like “तस्वीरें बोल उठेंगी”. He is really one of his kind. He portrays the whole story through a CLICK… Really adorable…�

Bhuvnesh Kumar Ojha

आप जैसे ही अच्छे लोगो से मिलते है, आपकी ऊर्जा स्वतः ही बढ़ने लगती है। और उन अच्छे लोगो में से एक Samir Samuel David, जिनकी ‘बिना दिमाग वाली सोच’ से प्रभावित होने का मौका मिला। बहुत खूब समीर भाई, इसी तरह की सोच और ख्याल का इस दुनिया को सबसे ज्यादा जरूरत है।

Vera Shavel

A Book of Brainless Thought is an experience of life penned beautifully by Samir Samuel David.

Udaipur Blog

Some are fiction, some biographies. But, every book has something good to share with you. A uniquely written “A Book of Brainless Thought” inscribed by Samir Samuel David of Udaipur. An inspirational book must read once.

Devprabha Joshi

Samir Samuel David is a guy with a completely different vision and perspective in his photography, which makes him the best among the rest in his field. I just love his photography in all ways. 💓

Sanket Sanganeria

Looking to get clicked or get some memories locked, here is the guy who is best in business. Got a photoshoot of my baby done with Sam and all pics came out really well. Thanks to Sam for amazing work. Cheers

Dhruvika Chouhan

His work is undoubtedly very good. I must praise his patience level during the new born photoshoot. He comes up with very creative ideas to make the picture come alive and make it more beautiful.

Viral Charla

Samir goes out of his way to give you the best memorable clicks. He is very genuine and multi talented guy. We had our babymoon photography done by him and the clicks were really nice. So if u r in Udaipur n want to get some good clicks, please reach out to him.

Varun Surana

Samir Samuel David is one of the most amazing, cool, creative & best photographers in the Udaipur City.

Darshana Surana

No other than Samir Samuel David can give words to your every memory. He can express your feelings via photographs. To give life to your photographs choose him, he is a true artist.

Prashant Jain

Samir Samuel David executes excellent work and has a wonderful perspective. He captures beautiful pictures. I wish him all the very best that he shines brighter.

Sahar Khan Hashmi

His love for fur babies is very much reflected in his photography. I absolutely loved the pics. Thanks, Samir Samuel David for giving lifetime memories to us.

Sharukh Bamboat

Samir Samuel David is indeed one of the best portrait photographers in Udaipur. Highly recommend

Hurratul Maleka Taj

The angles taken by Samir Samuel David camera creates magic, I have had the privilege to work with him and I must say he is passionate about photography, creating memories forever!

Sarah Siddiqui

Samir Samuel David captures images that look like paintings. That’s what I like about his work.

Sunita Singhvi

Samir Samuel David is an amazing person, soft-spoken and a skilled photographer. Just give him a chance he won’t let you down. Best photographer of the town. He is simply outstanding.

Srishty Kotia

Samir Samuel David transform the ordinary into EXTRA ordinary 📸👌👍😇

Garima Kothari

Samir Samuel David executes simply amazing work. Each and every click is so lively that anyone can see the content of the picture. Keep clicking and keep rocking.

Rahul Raaz

A Book of Brainless Thought written by Samir Samuel David indeed talks about the various experiences and emotions of life.

Ruchika Jain

Samir Samuel David captures great images and has a great sense of humor

Anshika Parashar

Samir Samuel David is creative! He is hardworking! He is utter professional! He is one of his kind in the town!!

Shivani Shrimali

One of my favorite photographer in the town. I really loved his work and efforts. I wish him all the best for his future projects.

Rakesh Kumar Khalil

One of the most amazing, cool, creative & best photographer in Rajasthan.

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