“Happiness – A Purpose of Life”

Brainless Thoughts

Brainless Thoughts

When and while we know that life is just for once with none or pretty less chances of a replay, then we must decide and begin to live our life, the way we wish to. We must live our dreams, planning them in silence and executing them forward in style. Dreams could be big or small but one life is never enough to be able to live them all. One must surely try to live them to the core and must stand different among the crowd.

Once happiness becomes the purpose of life, nothing in this world could shatter one's choice of existence and integrity, being it money, charms, loans, success, failures, installments, opportunism, relationships, society, a world and a staged reputation, as these become so unimportant that they could never stop anyone from prospering.

Once happiness becomes a purpose of life, even the sorrows and enemies become the catalysts of motivation, rather a burden or a sense of defeat. Happiness can never be defeated as once one starts living with it, it becomes a way of life and a guiding force that helps in resolving various difficulties. The only thing is, it works best with patience, self analysis and honesty, yes these contribute towards happiness. In the absence of these, one could still have a chance to be mislead by various other forces, that could lead one into temptation, envy, greed, opportunism and hate.

While life is a scripted uncertainty, what could be a better purpose in life, than happiness.

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